Scarlet Sheets is a safe space for writers of any level to submit your stories, fantasies, poetry, fiction or non-fiction, long or short, for publication. You can choose to remain anonymous, use your pen name, or get yourself 'out' there as a writer.

If you choose, you can also allow reader feedback on individual pieces.

If you're interested in signing up, email is at [email protected].

Send us a small sample of the content you would like to submit and we'll take it from there. Ordinarily (for now), we'll post on your behalf, but if you become a trusted author, we'll eventually grant you an account to manage your own content on our platform.

By submitting, you assert that the work is original and wholly your own. If we your work, we reserve the right to edit it for grammar and style. holds first publication rights to accepted work. After we publish your work, you are free to republish elsewhere (such as your personal blog) but we ask that you cite the work as originally appearing on with the corresponding link. You may republish an excerpt or the full article. If you republish the full article, please cite and link back to at the article’s beginning.

Upon acceptance, we ask for a short 2-3 sentence bio and picture of  yourself, but both are optional; given the sensitive nature of the  topic, we understand that submissions to may want to use a pseudonym, particularly for erotica. If this is the case, let us  know how you would like to be identified.

We also welcome (but do not require) you to submit an image to accompany your piece. The image must be your own, in the public domain or free to use. If your piece is accepted and you’d like to include an image, email it to [email protected] as a JPEG file attachment — do not embed it in the body of your work or in a Word document. Include the title of your submission in the subject and body of your email along with your name and any requisite image credits.

Please allow a fair and resonable period of time before enquiring about your submission. We do try and get back to authors quickly when possible, but we are not always in submission mode, and may take a while to respond at some times of the year.

Let's begin!